Meet Marwa

After enduring a personal loss in the last year while also working full-time, Marwa wrote to nominate herself for the makeover. After she was contacted via email, Marwa quickly replied, "You have no idea how your email brought joy to me on this day. I almost screamed but reminded myself that I was at work!" 

Since then, Marwa has left her job in order to spend more time with her two small children, as well as to complete her dissertation (did I say that this woman does everything?!).

Marwa brought such a unique wardrobe to her photoshoot -- from traditional Sudanese dress, to a formal gown, to a turban... all of us were so excited to see the final shots, and we were not disappointed! 

Marwa is a Muslim woman who chooses to dress conservatively in public, so not all of her final images are in the video below; they are now hers to treasure at home. But below are the selections that Marwa hand-picked for you to enjoy:

Read more about this passion project and how it all started.

Hair: Nichole Coffel
Makeup: Louise Hurst, Instagram: @louisehurstmua