2017 Passion Project

I’d rather be handsome for an hour than pretty for a week.
— Tilda Swinton, British actress

In 2017, I was inspired to give back and offer some deserving ladies a complimentary makeover and photoshoot. Women of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds who experienced hardship in 2016 (whatever that may have been) were invited to nominate themselves or a friend. I received 44 nominations and eventually selected 4 amazingly strong women... Women who have experienced heartbreaking loss and life-changing trials, but have (or are) pulling through in a way that emphasizes the unique strength and determination of females everywhere.

A story is the shortest distance between being a stranger and being a friend.
— Paul Smith, Irish writer

Please visit the Shim Photography Facebook page for more about these ladies' stories and to view more images from their shoots.


As I mentioned above, there were so many women who were interested in volunteering their time and skills to this project. I offer a huge thank you to those who were willing to help! But you know life: schedules conflict and responsibilities call. So in the end, these three amazing ladies were the ones who were able to provide free services to our makeover winners (cue applause):


NICHOLE: "Born and raised in Missouri, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in hair color and design for as long as I can remember. With over 25 years of experience, I still love helping people look and feel beautiful about themselves."


CRYSTAL: "I'm Crystal, a makeup artist based in Abu Dhabi. My passion for makeup started at a very early age, and later I began my career as a professional makeup artist. I'm available for various on-site makeup artistry needs, including bridal, wedding parties, special events, and photoshoots. Luxury is not an option but a way of life, especially when you're sitting in my makeup chair! Using luxurious products, I emphasize skin preparation to achieve a flawless look. Well-known for my attention to detail, I accentuate unique beauty that is in every woman. Find me at"


LOUISE: "Hi, I’m Louise, a Professional Makeup Artist from the UK living in Abu Dhabi. Makeup is my passion and I feel so privileged to be doing what I love. Since being in the UAE I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some fantastic projects both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai including magazine editorial shoots, high-end fashion shows, and making lovely ladies feel amazing for their special events. I truly believe that every woman is beautiful! Makeup is simply a tool to enhance your natural beauty and doesn’t need to be a mask for you to hide behind. That’s why my kit includes high quality brands such as Nars, Urban Decay, Mac, Bobbi Brown and many more, after all who doesn’t want to be made to feel glamorous? I’d love to hear from you, if you’d like more information please email or 0526301663."