Dream it. Make it.

Stand out from the crowd and do something creative, unique, fresh; something that straddles the line between a photograph and a work of art; something that tells a deeper story than a "do this, do that" pose and a smile-on-cue...


Creative Commissions

Creative commissions are not about taking everyday photographs; they're about producing single works of art that tell a story about the subject(s).

You might have a specific vision already, or you might need some help hashing out your style, mood, purpose, and message for the image. Either way, contact me to learn more about the process or to get started with your own original fine art piece.

Traditional Sessions

When it comes to traditional photography, I specialize in two areas:
+ pet & animal photography
+ lifestyle for businesses and organizations

(What's that? Click here for an example.)



From original to print...

Do you need to turn an original artwork into prints for sale, gifts, or other distribution? I've helped individuals, groups, and schools do just that, for it's not as simple as just taking a photo and heading to a local print shop.

Glare, distortion, reflections, color and quality of light can make it very difficult to capture an image that's true to the original work, and everyday printers rarely color-manage or use professional-quality paper.

So instead of risking distorted or off-color prints, do the art (and artist) justice: go pro. Contact me for:

+ high-quality prints on a range of gorgeous papers, with or without texture

+ high-res digital images to print on your own

+ digital images prepped and sized appropriately for a variety of web uses